A Lonely Grandpa in New Year Eve

— To my grandsons

The clock will soon strike twelve in New Year’s Eve. Both of you and some others near you right now, who really didn’t spend days and nights to take care you like me since you were born, will cheer and happily welcome the coming of New Year.

Some days you both will know that I, your grandpa have been struggle whole life to build good life for all of you.

A precious moment of our life

A precious moment of our life, 08

I have a family who I care in every moment of my life until now. I am the father of my children, and the grandfather of my grandsons. I have contributed all my life, knowledge and experience to everywhere I have lived. I have never owed anyone anything but always tried to help others as much as I could. However, the society has forgotten my existence, my peers and pals already far from me in somewhere of the world because I have to be here to take care you.

Do you remember what is this?

Do you remember what is this and who presented this little world for you ?

Do you remember what is this and who gave you ?

Do you remember this little red car and who bought for you ? Grandpa lost the golden car in the corner of this picture after intensively used by family for the past 8 years! I am one of the poorest citizens who do not own a car after worked whole life for the family.

Do you still remember who took you to school since your pre-school year ?

Do you still remember who took you to school since your pre-school year ?

Do you remember this photo and why we should be there ?

Do you remember this photo and why we should be there ?

I am lonely even in this New Year’s Eve

Children, who are just formally not wholeheartedly faithful to the God, love their parents’ assets and banking deposit instead their parent’s life and well-being. They are selfish and greedy.

My dear grandsons: your grandpa love you by showing the world how much I care about you in every moment and aspect of your life starting about 9 years ago. I hope you both grow up to be faithful, sincere, unselfish, caring and highly successful contributors to you country as well as the world.

I am a lonely grandpa in this New Year Eve. How many New Year Eves I’ll have in the rest of my life journey?

Debt-Free bay-front condominium before I came to here for caring you

Forget my Poor-Love, Take someone Rich-Vanity

You do not need me anymore because I am now so poor and have to stop my own life in the near future. Go to live with those who are wealthy. I know that someday you will no longer need Poor-Love but desire Rich-Vanity.

Present to Grandpa if not bothering you happy life

If possible please give me a small present: playing the good oldie -Auld Lang Syne for me when I have to rest forever:

My dear grandsons: please forgive my emotion and allow me to wish you both

Happy New Year and having great achievements in 2011


December 31, 2010